Anti-War not Anti-Veteran

From The Philadelphia Leader, June 1st, 1941

Every country in the world demands loyalty and patriotism from their subjects, often forcing drafts into mandatory military service. Even though the war may be immoral to one’s conscience, history has seen many young men forced to fight against their will.  

America has been no exception. In almost every war in American history, there have been men that have opposed fighting. 

Emma Goldman spoke out against conscription (the draft) in 1917. She was arrested and imprisoned for two years for conspiring to “induce persons not to register”. 

During WWII there were over 5,000 conscientious objectors to war that were imprisoned. 

During Vietnam there were over 100,000 who escaped the United States, hiding from the draft in other countries. One of these individuals lives in Livingston Montana, today, after being incarcerated and charged with draft dodging. 

There is no bigger form of tyranny than to force other men to fight your wars against their moral and conscience objection. 

I strongly oppose war, coming from a non-resistant religious background. War should  only be used in self defense of one’s property or country. Even then, we must exhaust all other peaceful remedies, first. 

I support our veterans and our troops by not supporting the next war, keeping these brave men and women at home for defense of this great country. 

” War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.” Thomas Jefferson